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20,000 PSI Steel & Concrete Cutting

10,000 PSI Water Blasting

5,000 PSI Hot Water Blasting

20,000 PSI Floor Machine

20,000 PSI Spin Jet (Stacks & Tanks)

3,500 Gal 27 In 5,500 CFM Vacuum Trucks

Pumper Trucks

Material Hauling Available

Confined Space Entry Trained

Car Wash's Cleaned


We clean Cranes, Walls, Floors, Machinery-Mills, so well that they can be painted which also helps in finding hydraulic leaks and fire prevention and any Pits involved with them. We haul away all waste, sludge, scale floor, dry mill dirt waste, hydraulic coolants waters etc... We can clean up any thing a manufacturing facility wants done.

Mills produce waste scales and dirt they build up under them and all Manufacturing need monthly and sometimes weekly clean up so they can continue to operate, we clean inside furnaces and bag houses we clean up heat exchangers inside and out.

We handle waste oils, coolants and water that every manufacturing gets from operating and we save them money hauling it to the proper facility, at a very good price. The company's that have been doing that for them for long periods of time mark up there prices over the years and we can beat there prices big time!

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