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20,000 PSI Steel & Concrete Cutting

10,000 PSI Water Blasting

5,000 PSI Hot Water Blasting

20,000 PSI Floor Machine

20,000 PSI Spin Jet (Stacks & Tanks)

3,500 Gal 27 In 5,500 CFM Vacuum Trucks

Pumper Trucks

Material Hauling Available

Confined Space Entry Trained

Car Wash's Cleaned


Our specialty is cleaning anything in a manufacturing setting such as floors, walls, equipment and ceilings. We provide maintenance cleaning to detect any issues before they become problems.

We vacuum and pressure wash dirt, sludge, scale, waste materials, oil and coolant from around, on or under any type of machinery within the industrial setting. The material we collect can be dumped on site or hauled and disposed of professionally at an approved facility. In addition to cleaning mill equipment, we also do maintenance cleaning on furnaces, bag houses and heat exchangers.

Duke’s offers a 4000-gallon pumper truck to remove oil, coolants and wastewater produced by manufacturing. We offer to haul off site and dispose of professionally with sampling and an approval.  Another option we offer is a reclaimed oil service. This is a process of cleaning your used oil and returning it in a new condition. It is a savings to the end user with spending a fraction of the cost.

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