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Cleaning Septic Tanks

Cleaning Grease Traps

Cleaning Holding Tanks

Video Camera Inspection of Lines

Inlet & Outlet Lines

Main Sanitary Drains

Upflow Filters

Cellar, Footers & Downspout Drains

Toilet/Urinal Drains

Install Risers, Jet Aerators & Sump Pumps

Hi-Pressure Flusher Unit
  • Storm Sewers
  • Footers
  • Downspouts
  • Catch Basin

Grease Traps

An inappropriately serviced grease trap from restaurants or other food services is a significant problem for waste water collection or sewer systems. If improperly maintained grease trap can be a major problem for daily restaurant operations. Duke's Sanitary operates a crew of trained experts who can clean and maintain your grease traps for optimal performance.

Urinal Drains

Over time, hard calcium deposits build up on the pipe walls of the drains. If not maintained, this will eventually result in serious maintenance or pipe replacement down the road for your business.Give Duke's a call today, and get your drains cleaned before they cause a real problem!

Storm Sewers

Duke's Sanitary offers a variety of maintenance options for storm sewers. Video inspection of sewer systems can find damages and problems that otherwise may go un-noticed. Duke's is also capable of cleaning sand & grit from the sewers using special equipment that flushes the line, then sucks out the debris.
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